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In Seven Hours…

I will be on my way.
All of my possessions are in the back of the van and I’m here, waiting, until 7am. That is when I am leaving the nest.
And it’s weird.
I honestly gotta say that the weirdest thing about leaving is the fact that I won’t be seeing people for months at a time.
It’s making me a bit sad… But at the same time…
I’m growing up. I won’t see these guys but its not like I’m dying. It’s not goodbye, but see you later. And that’s what I keep telling myself.
Sure as hell won’t make me not miss them, but at least I know that they’re gonna be here when I get back.

“People who go through movies and look for inconsistencies and continuity errors … I weep for them.” - David Fincher – (via davidfincher)
I think it’s safe to say that my last post was a lie. I’m excited and happy but still borderline scared of the unknown.
Holy Hell

I’ve got 9 days left until I leave for Minnesota. I’m taking my stuff back from my boyfriend’s and trying to make last minute plans with some of my friends. Like holy damn.
I’ve deducted that…I’m ready.
I mean, hell, it’s a new freaking state. It’s gonna be hella interesting not being surrounded by shit that I’ve always been surrounded by. It’s kinda crazy!
I’ll miss my peeps and my boo. But like I keep saying…
It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.
9 more days, Illinois.


Fuck high school. In elementary school the whole classroom was your Valentine. We were in this shit together.

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